Should I Have Breast Reconstruction After a Mastectomy?

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The decision to have breast reconstruction is not an easy one. In the past, women had little choice in how they would reconstruct their breasts after mastectomy. Today, there are more choices for women who have undergone breast removal and want to restore their pre-surgery appearance in Houston, TX.

While breast reconstruction is a great option for many, it's not right for everyone. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Shenaq can discuss the pros and cons of undergoing breast reconstruction when you schedule an assessment at Plastic Surgery of Houston. We can rebuild breast tissue to a more natural-looking form.

When do I need breast reconstruction?

A mastectomy is the removal of breast tissue through surgery. The most common reason for a mastectomy is breast cancer treatment, but it can also be performed to prevent breast cancer from forming in high-risk patients.

Breast reconstruction can replace the missing breast tissue and restore natural fullness so you can feel whole again. There is no right answer to whether or not someone should get breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Every woman should make her own decision based on her feelings and goals.

What are the different types of breast reconstruction?

There are several ways to rebuild breast tissue in Houston, TX. The best method depends on factors like the size of your breasts, whether or not you had a full mastectomy, and the amount of healthy breast tissue involved.

One common type of breast reconstruction involves breast implants. We use an artificial but realistic-looking implant that’s filled with either a safe saline solution or silicone gel. Patients can choose a size and shape that meets their cosmetic goals. The main advantage of implants is that most women can see gorgeous results almost immediately after surgery.

Another breast reconstruction technique is called autologous tissue transfer. Instead of using implants, we create new breasts from tissue, muscles, and blood vessels taken from your own body. The biggest challenge in this method is finding enough healthy tissue to cover the breast. Plastic Surgery of Houston may recommend using healthy tissue from areas like the abdomen and upper buttocks.

Dr. Shenaq can help you decide which type of breast reconstruction is right for you during an assessment. It's a lot to take in, but you'll have plenty of time to ask questions throughout the process.

What are some advantages of breast reconstruction?

There are several advantages to getting breast reconstruction surgery if you’re undergoing a mastectomy. The biggest advantage is that breast reconstruction can help you feel more like yourself again and less self-conscious about your appearance. Your breasts can appear natural-looking or have better symmetry than if you had opted for a prosthesis or special bra.

There is a psychological benefit to having breast reconstruction as well. It has helped many women move past the surgery and focus on healing, whereas a mastectomy alone may leave some women feeling that their body is incomplete.

Rebuild breast tissue with breast reconstruction

We understand that breast reconstruction surgery is a difficult decision, and one you don't take lightly. Plastic Surgery of Houston is happy to provide information about what this procedure entails and how it helps countless women after a breast cancer diagnosis. Whether you’ve already had your mastectomy, are currently undergoing treatment, or know someone who has been through these experiences before, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jay Shenaq in Houston, TX. We can help you make an informed decision.

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