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How Does a Tummy Tuck Help in Tightening Loose or Sagging Abdominal Skin?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 04/11/2024

Dr. Shenaq offers tummy tuck surgery to effectively tighten sagging abdominal skin, providing patients with improved confidence and a firmer physique.


How Long is the Breast Reconstruction Process?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 03/04/2024

Dr. Shenaq provides personalized care for patients undergoing breast reconstruction, emphasizing communication and support throughout the journey.


Best Practices for Scar Care After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 02/10/2024

Dr. Jay Shenaq at Plastic Surgery of Houston offers guidance on care after tummy tuck surgery to ensure optimal healing and aesthetic results.


Can Unsymmetrical Breasts Be Corrected with Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 01/07/2024

Plastic Surgery of Houston offers breast reconstruction surgery to correct unsymmetrical breasts, ensuring personalized care and optimal results.


What Position Should I Sleep in After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 12/31/2023

Learn about the recommended sleeping positions and post-operative care for optimal recovery after a tummy tuck at Plastic Surgery of Houston.


Can Both Breasts Be Restored During Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 11/20/2023

Dr. Jay Shenaq offers personalized options for breast reconstruction surgery through patient collaboration and expert surgical techniques.


Will Tummy Tuck Surgery Help Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 10/22/2023

Discover how tummy tuck surgery at Plastic Surgery of Houston with Dr. Jay Shenaq can tone your abdomen and reduce or remove stretch marks.


Three Questions to Ask Your Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 09/25/2023

Dr. Jay Shenaq can guide you through essential questions to ask about breast reconstruction to ensure a beautiful, successful surgical outcome.


How Long Will I Have Swelling After a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 08/20/2023

Dr. Jay Shenaq provides comprehensive guidance on tummy tuck recovery, including addressing swelling, aftercare, and achieving optimal results.


What Happens if I Lose Weight After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 07/20/2023

Weight loss after breast reconstruction can alter aesthetics, but with Dr. Shenaq's guidance, patients can navigate these changes effectively.


How Long Will It Take For Tummy Tuck Incisions to Heal?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 06/24/2023

Find out more about the healing process of tummy tuck incisions and the role of liposuction at Plastic Surgery of Houston here.


The Differences Between Breast Reconstruction and Breast Augmentation

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 05/30/2023

Breast augmentation and breast reconstruction can enhance your appearance in many ways. Discover the benefits of breast surgery at our clinic here.


Will I Need a Compression Garment After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 04/30/2023

Find out why wearing a compression garment after tummy tuck surgery is such an important part of the recovery process.


When Will Swelling Subside After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 03/31/2023

Answers to many common questions about recovery after breast reconstruction surgery, including how long swelling may last.


How Long Should You Rest After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 02/25/2023

Tummy tuck recovery does take some time and effort, but the results are valued. Learn how to heal properly after body contouring procedures here.


When Will Breast Implants Begin to Settle After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 01/28/2023

Here's what you can expect from the "settling" or "drop and fluff" process that occurs naturally after breast reconstruction with implants.


What Do Tummy Tuck Patients Need at Home During Recovery?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 12/31/2022

A tummy tuck can help you achieve flatter, firmer, tighter abs. But the recovery process is crucial to your final results.


How Soon Can I Return to Work After Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 11/30/2022

It may take a while to feel like yourself again after breast reconstruction, but many people can return to work in a little over a month.


What to Know About Eating After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 10/30/2022

Tummy tuck surgery does require a short recovery period. Learn how to speed up the abdominoplasty recovery process by eating nutritious meals at home.


When Can I Expect My Tummy Tuck Scar to Fade?

Dr. Jay Shenaq | 09/29/2022

A helpful guide on the tummy tuck recovery timeline, including when tummy tuck incisions should begin to heal and fade.


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