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What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure best performed by the board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr.  Jay Shenaq, to obtain a firmer, flatter abdomen. If you are having trouble getting rid of excess belly fat despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, a tummy tuck may help you achieve the body you desire. The best candidates are patients with excessive, loose skin and fat of the abdomen or patients with weakened abdominal wall muscles caused by pregnancy, aging, or significant weight loss. Dr. Shenaq performs this popular procedure through a bikini incision across the lower abdomen. During your initial consultation at our office in Sugar Land or the Galleria Area of Houston, TX we will discuss your body concerns and what you hope to achieve from tummy tuck surgery before creating your best treatment plan.

What are the benefits of getting a tummy tuck?

Our Houston, TX patients who receive tummy tuck procedures enjoy a number of benefits from their treatment, including:

  • Reversal of age-related cellulite, sagging, and loose skin
  • Reduction of persistent pockets of fat that resist treatments such as diet and exercise
  • Boost in self-confidence and enjoyment of your appearance
  • Strengthened core, which alleviates pressure put on hips and spine

what qualifies you for a tummy tuck?

The best candidates for tummy tuck surgery are those in good health and who at or near their desired weight. Tummy tuck surgery should not be used as a form of weight loss, but as a means to tone the midsection after having already met your weight loss goals. Good candidates for tummy tucks are men or women who experience:

  • Excess skin around the belly button.
  • A weakened abdominal wall.
  • Sagging or loosened skin on the abdomen.

how is a tummy tuck performed?

During the procedure, the surgeon will usually make a horizontal incision, typically between the belly button and pubic area to remove excess fat and tissue from the abdomen. The fascia, tissue beneath the skin, will be tightened and should the belly button require moving, it will be brought out through a small incision and repositioned. Excess skin will also be removed and the incision along the pubic area will be stitched. The result of this procedure is a minor scar that falls along the bikini line for easy coverage. Patients can expect the procedure to take approximately 3 hours, depending on their aesthetic goals.

how long is recovery from a tummy tuck?

Following abdominoplasty, there will be some swelling and bruising around the abdomen and belly button. For the first few days following the procedure, tubes may be used to drain the incision site of any blood and fluid. Some patients may be issued an antibiotic to help prevent infection. Patients will experience some abdominal pain, which is normal, and the swelling can take 6 weeks or more to subside. It is very important that patients are careful moving around following the first few months of surgery and they will need to schedule follow up appointments at our office periodically for progress checks.

Tummy Tuck FAQ

How much does a tummy tuck cost?
At the time of your consultation, Dr. Shenaq will develop your personalized abdominoplasty plan based on your unique concerns and goals before estimating costs. He will be able to better estimate your costs when the type of abdominoplasty is decided, what technique will be used, which anesthesia you will need and other factors. To make sure you get great results from an experienced plastic surgeon, Plastic Surgery of Houston helps to make your tummy tuck easy to afford by accepting several payment methods and giving you information on low-interest medical financing.

What type of tummy tuck should I get?
There are three main techniques for abdominoplasty: full, extended, and mini. In your initial consultation, Dr. Shenaq will ask about your needs and goals before performing a physical exam. Then, he can better decide which tummy tuck will give you the best results. A full abdominoplasty is better if you want to fix issues in both the lower and upper stomach, whereas a mini tummy tuck is good for concerns under your belly button, such as a "pooch." An extended tummy tuck is designed to improve the stomach as well as the hips and upper thighs.

What will my scars look like?
Incisions for your tummy tuck will depend on which type you are getting. During all tummy tucks, Dr. Shenaq uses the smallest, thinnest incisions needed to limit scars. He also places incisions in less visible areas ( through the belly button or in the public region ) so they may be easily concealed by underwear or a swimsuit. After your surgery, it's important to adhere to your scar management instructions so your incisions heal flat and eventually blend into your natural skin.

Can I get pregnant after a tummy tuck?
Although you can get pregnant after an abdominoplasty, it will likely affect your results. Dr. Shenaq strongly encourages that you be done with planned pregnancies and childbirth before you get a tummy tuck. If you do become pregnant after a tummy tuck, another surgery may be performed to refresh your stomach.

Can I get a tummy tuck with another surgery?
Many patients get a second body surgery with a tummy tuck to see more dramatic improvements. At your initial consultation with Dr. Shenaq, talk to him about your concerns so a personalized treatment plan may be developed that matches your goals. You may combine abdominoplasty with a thigh lift for a lower body lift or other areas for a custom body contouring. If you are trying to rejuvenate your body after having children or losing a significant amount of weight, you might be a good candidate for a mommy makeover or after weight loss surgery.

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If you want to attain a flatter, more attractive stomach and have tried a healthy diet and exercise, a tummy tuck may help get you to your desired results. Tummy tuck surgery can help you with the confidence you need to walk the beach without a cover-up and show off the body that you’ve worked so hard to attain. Schedule a consultation with our office today and learn how a tummy tuck can transform you.

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