Will My Breast Reconstruction Outcomes Feel Natural?

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Breast reconstruction is common among breast cancer patients and women who have undergone significant trauma to the chest. When you undergo reconstruction, the goal is to have realistic and natural-looking breasts. However, it can be difficult to know what to expect in terms of appearance after surgery.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful in their own skin. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Shenaq provides multiple breast reconstruction techniques and personalized treatment plans in Houston to restore your body and self-confidence.

Below, our compassionate team at Plastic Surgery of Houston discusses the different kinds of reconstructive surgery available and what you can expect in terms of outcomes. We'll also provide advice on how to prepare for second-stage procedures for even better results.

What happens during breast reconstruction?

Complete or partial breast removal is one of the most standard ways to treat breast cancer. However, a mastectomy or lumpectomy can leave you with an asymmetrical or misshapen chest, which can be a source of distress. Fortunately, breast reconstruction surgery can help rebuild the missing tissue.

Reconstructive surgery may involve a tissue flap, tissue expander, and/or breast implants to form a new breast mound. With these methods, Dr. Shenaq hopes to create fullness, balance, proper symmetry, and improved contours:

  • DIEP flap reconstruction: Abdominal skin and fat are transferred from the lower abdomen to the breast. Blood vessels are also separated from the muscle and reattached to the breast area to restore proper blood flow.

  • SIEA flap reconstruction: Fat, skin, and blood vessels are also removed from the lower belly and moved to the breast. However, the blood vessels are taken from below the skin instead of below the abdominal muscle.

  • SGAP flap reconstruction: Tissue is taken from the upper buttock area to create a new breast mound. The underlying gluteal muscles are left intact.

  • TRAM flap reconstruction: Skin and fat are transferred from the lower abdomen to the breast area. This procedure also involves moving the rectus muscle.

  • Latissimus flap reconstruction: Involves the muscle on the back latissimus dorsi. This technique can be combined with a tissue expander or implant.

Do tissue expanders and breast implants provide natural outcomes?

Tissue expanders and implants are additional breast reconstruction techniques that provide pleasing outcomes for women in Houston. During treatment, Dr. Shenaq uses an inflatable breast implant to stretch the underlying tissues and make room for a saline or silicone implant. The process is also personalized, so we can continue expanding the area until the desired size is achieved.

What are second-stage procedures?

Second-stage procedures take your reconstructive surgery one step further. These treatments help enhance the overall appearance and symmetry of your reconstructed breasts. Plastic Surgery of Houston is proud to offer solutions like nipple reconstruction, breast lift surgery, and fat grafting as needed. Ask our talented surgical team about the best options for your needs.

Get natural-looking breasts

Breast reconstruction can produce realistic results when working with the right professional in Houston. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Shenaq has helped many breast cancer patients achieve the physical and emotional well-being they desire through reconstructive surgery and second-stage procedures. Learn more about our treatment plans by calling Plastic Surgery of Houston for an appointment. Our goal is to provide women with gorgeous outcomes they love.

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