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what is Microneedling?

Microneedling at Plastic Surgery of Houston yields a fresh, new layer skin in patients who desire an improvement in their facial appearance. See immediate results with microneedling as it enhances how your skin feels and reduces the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles, and sunspots on the skin. This treatment can be combined with other skin rejuvenation treatments, like microdermabrasion. By using tiny needles to create minuscule holes in the skin, microneedling causes the skin to rapidly heal itself by producing collagen and elastin. Houston, TX board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Shenaq, offers this state-of-the-art technique to his patients who want to look better.

How does microneedling work?

Our aesthetic team will clean the treatment area and apply a layer of topical gel to numb your skin. Using a sterilized handheld device (a cartridge-tip with 12 microneedles), our doctor will gently press the SkinPen across the skin in one direction until the entire coverage area is complete (about 30 minutes). Many patients say that this is a painless procedure, but some may say they experience some mild sensation in the skin.

What can I Expect after a microneedling treatment?

You can expect to leave our office with reddened, rosy skin after a microneedling procedure. This can last for several days and up to a week. We suggest using the aftercare treatment (like sunblock creams, vitamin gels, bleaching serums and more) your aesthetic team determines at your appointment. Pinpoint bleeding may also be seen, but this is a natural response to the treatment.

How many microneedling treatments will i need?

How many treatments will you need? It depends on the severity of marks on your skin. Many patients require only one treatment. Others will be advised on 2 – 3 treatments for maximum results. Keep in mind that once you have just a single microneedling treatment, you will see improvements in your skin for up to 6 months. Some patients will need more treatments if they are trying to erase traumatic scars or stretch marks in their skin.

Microneedling FAQ

How much does microneedling cost?
During your consultation, Dr. Shenaq will analyze your skin and then create your unique plan. Once this is complete, he will be able to talk about your treatment costs and the procedure process. Plastic Surgery of Houston often has discounts on treatment packages, so ask about current deals in your appointment.

What exactly is microneedling?
Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive procedure to improve the health of your skin. Collagen is a fibrous protein that helps your skin stay supple, smooth, and firm. As you get older, your supply of collagen is reduced, and your skin gets thin and less elastic. Microneedling creates tiny wounds in your skin. These micro-injuries force your skin to increase its collagen production and generate new skin cell growth. After a short recovery period, your skin looks firmer, brighter, and healthier.

How many treatments are recommended for optimal results?
Typically, patients get 3 – 6 sessions to get optimal results. Although, the number of treatments you require will vary based on your skin's condition and your goals. Microneedling can be safely performed every 4 – 6 weeks as needed. In your consultation, Dr. Shenaq can estimate the number of sessions you will want based on your skin and goals. When your skin goals are reached, Dr. Shenaq recommends getting maintenance sessions every six months.

Is microneedling safe for everyone?
For the most part, microneedling is appropriate for all skin tones and types. Skin injuries created by microneedling are so minor there are very few side effects afterward. Microneedling can be performed on most areas of skin, including the face, neck, arms, thighs, chest, and lower legs. Microneedling is not recommended if you have used Accutane in the last few months, plus if you have an active skin infection, open wound, or herpes simplex. Additionally, you may not be able to get microneedling if you are nursing, pregnant, or undergoing radiation treatments.

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You will love the renewed skin that microneedling can bring your face or other treated areas of your body. Brighten your skin today with this advanced technology. Your skin will glow with radiance, wrinkles will be less noticeable, and sunspots will be diminished. This safe and effective procedure can be customized to meet your needs as determined by our board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

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